Roof Cleaning

Why Have your Roof Cleaned?

Roof cleaning is an important process which can not only transform the look of your property but protects a roof from damage and can act as a preventative measure against roof replacement.

Over time, algae, moss, mould, and lichen develop and thrive on roofs this is more prevalent on non-slate roofing materials.  Roofs can also collect dirt and stains from other pollutants in the air.  The removal of these along with the methods we use, can prevent build up and revive a roof, prolong the life and reduce roof costs in the long term.

The most common issue is the growth and build-up of moss.  After time, this moss falls from roof onto underlying buildings, conservatories, patios, driveway, flower beds etc.  The dislodging of moss from roofs can also cause the attached gutters to become full of moss and debris, which in turn can cause drainage problems and will most likely cause future damp problems if left untreated.

Should you decide to have your roof cleared and treated with biocide, there are many different service providers to choose from it is always wise to ensure you use a firm that has good work practices in place to effectively carry out the work, aftercare, reviews and are happy to discuss cleaning methods and processes they employ. Aftercare is very important to consider should you need to contact the service provider to return and rectify any concerns you may have.

The Gutter Cleaning People have a team of fully insured and trained technicians that will visit your property, free of charge, and provide a full no obligation quote should you decide to have your roof cleared and treated with vegetation growth inhibiting biocide.

Methods of Roof Cleaning

1. Antifungal wash clean

This is the process of applying an industrial grade chemical to the tiles after the moss has been removed, this is a safer option than pressure washing a roof. There are numerous benefits of using this process namely that the visible plant life is neutralised upon the roof and is further growth inhibited for up to two years as per the chemical manufacturer guidelines.

2. Pressure washing

Pressure washing used to be a commonly used process of roof cleaning, but has risks involved.  Pressure washing a roof will quickly remove the moss and algae.  However, the water pressure can produce cracked tiles, dislodged tiles, cracked and dislodged cement mortar or problems to underlay resulting in a leaking roof the problem may only come apparent the next time the roof experiences consistent rain.  It is advised that if employing this method, a professional roofing company should assess the roof structure for soundness before commencing this treatment.  Furthermore, this service does not prevent the return of regrowth of the plant life.

3. Scrape and removal

This is the method of scraping the moss and other plant life from the roof, and any remaining are swept off.  Without applying a suitable antifungal chemical after removal of vegetation, the moss will return very quickly.

Methods Used by Us

The Gutter Cleaning People provide a full scrape and sweep removal service, along with an antifungal wash to reduce the growth of the plant life, the applied biocide solution requires 24 hours drying time. We will also clear and inspect your gutters of any debris and ensure your roof and gutters have been properly serviced and checked thoroughly.

If the event that a problem is found with your guttering, we will provide a no obligation quote to repair or replace any faulty gutters.

Following the completion of the service, our team of technicians will ensure to remove all rubbish and debris from your property and check that you are happy with the clearance and clean that has been undertaken.  

Following the clean, we encourage customers to get in contact if there are any issues resulting from the service, and we will be happy to return to the property free of charge to rectify any problems.  Please see our Roofing Service Guarantee for more information.

For more information on this service please feel free to contact us on 0118 933 6983.