Gutter Guard Installation

The most cost-effective way of maintaining your guttering in the medium to long term is to fit a gutter guard system, which will prohibit debris from blocking the guttering and downpipes. A properly fitted gutter guard will allow the water to flow from the roof into the guttering whilst stopping larger debris such as leaves and moss from affecting the flow.

There are two main types of gutter guard that can be fitted. The first type is a grill or mesh that is clipped or screwed onto the top of the guttering. The second is a cylindrical brush guard that sits inside the guttering itself.

Our experience has been that the grill guard can easily become clogged more quickly due to the fact that it has a flat service. The advantage of the cylindrical brush guard is that even if debris sits on the surface of it, it is very unlikely to become blocked up in the same way and thus will maintain the flow of water for a much longer period of time.
All gutter guards will need to be removed and cleared at some point and one of the advantages of the brush guard is that it is extremely easy to remove, clear and replace back. A properly fitted brush guard system would significantly reduce the frequency of professional maintenance required. It is very cost effective to have gutter guards fitted at the same time as having your gutters cleared as only one visit is required for both services.

If you would like a quote for having your gutters cleared and fitted with gutter guards, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team at the office or fill out the online form.