Gutter & Downpipe Repairs

The Gutter Cleaning People have a wealth of experience in carrying out specialist repair work on UPVC Guttering and Down Pipes.

Common problems with guttering systems can include leaking seals, cracks, or splits in the UPVC guttering. It is often straightforward for us to replace a seal or a guttering join which will ensure that your guttering is fully functional and flowing well.

We are often asked to carry out minor repairs whilst clearing debris from our client’s guttering. If this is the case, we can offer to do this for a nominal charge since we are already on site.

We can also carry out repairs or replace sections of guttering without initially performing a gutter clearance if required and have experience of dealing with all the different types of UPVC guttering’s that are available.

If you would like us to inspect and carry out any repair work for you our friendly office staff will be more than happy to arrange a diagnostic repair report. This is where a technician(s) will visit the property, assess the issue and assess the best solution to resolving this.

If we can resolve the issue on the day (by clipping the guttering back into place or sealing to stop any leaks) then we will do so. If however it is anything more substantial or requires any new parts, then the technician will provide you with a written report and a no obligation quote based on his/their findings.

Initially there is a cost to this service of £40 for 2 storey properties or £80 for 3 storey or above. However if the issue is something we can resolve on the day then it will just be the £40 or £80 to pay. Or if we do provide you with a separate quotation and you were to book the work in, we would then reduce the initial £40 or £80 paid from the final bill.