Gutter Cleaning Advice & Information: What Are Fascias & Soffits?

Although our area of expertise is in guttering, we realise that for many people it’s completely foreign territory. So keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Gutter Cleaning Advice & Information’ blog posts – the first of which starts here – where we’ll explain terms many people are not familiar with and offer professional advice and tips. Today we’ll be tackling fascias and soffits; fortunately they’re both very simple terms to understand!


The term ‘fascia’ is commonly used during gutter quotations; but what exactly is it? The fascia is the long board running the length of the lower edge of the roof. Its purpose is to cover and protect the roof rafters from the elements and your guttering will be attached directly to it. Fascias are commonly made from PVC which makes them much more durable and easier to clean, although there are some fascias which are made from wood (unfortunately wooden fascias may eventually rot which would mean your gutter is no longer safely secured and a new installation would be necessary).


Underneath the fascia, you will find the soffit, which is again usually made from PVC so gutter cleaning is kept as quick and simple as possible. Soffits are designed to ensure nothing can get inside your roof such as birds, insects or water. Simple!

So Why Are They Important?

Regular maintenance of your fascias and soffits is recommended to keep them in top condition and to spare you the expense of having a whole new gutter installation fitted. We also recommend that your fascias and soffits are made from PVC as there is no risk of rot, they are more aesthetically versatile and gutter cleaning work is easier and less of a chore!